Birdrace Estonian Open

Estonian Open is the oldest and most popular birdrace in Estonia. It was initiated in 1995 by Viron Lintuseura. The race is usually held in the middle of August and about 16 teams participate. All the new teams are warmly welcomed! Follow the news for the exact dates and race area.

Birdrace Estonian Open 2022 takes place 13th August. Race area is Otepää Nature Park and Otepää city.

The race history is downloadable from here


1. Team size is 2-6 persons.
2. Time of the race is 03:00-17:00.
3. More than 50% of team members must record (see or hear) the species. The same specimen must be recorded by the team.
4. Only full species is countable. Exception is the case when only one individual of the species pair (or group) was recorded. E.g. crossbill species.
5. All the team members must be together during the whole race, in the reach of human voice. The team car can move only with all members of the team in it.
6. Tape luring and mistnetting is not allowed. Self-made calls (whistling, clapping etc.) are allowed.
7. Boats are not allowed. Only one vehicle can be used by one team.
8. The maximum distance covered in car (and other motor vehicles) can not exceed 150 km! There is no distance limit for walking and bicycling.
9. Areas of non-public access are forbidden.
10. Scaring/flushing the birds (in the hope that next team won’t see the bird) is not allowed.
11. Any information of birds of the competition area, received within a minimum of 1 week prior the count day, may not be used. This rule does not concern Estonian citizens who live or work in the area. NB Whistling of owls before the race start is also prohibited.
12. Teams have to fill the necessary documentation of encountered rarities during 7 days after the race. Otherwise these Rarities Committee species are deleted from the list.